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Most Recent Articles
July 23, 2015

Sunny Summer Returns

Here's a news flash for you: Prime Money Market has been holding onto a 0.03% yield (that's 3 whole basis points) for a bit more than a week, which is incredible. Either Vanguard has found a way to make money out of thin air, or they are still slashing costs to the bone. Whatever it is, that 0.03% yield is up from the 0.02% they had been paying since early June. Good work, Vanguard! Read More »

July 1, 2015

Kick Can, Stub Toe, Default

Try as they might, the Greek government couldn't kick the debt can any further down the road as June closed. Having tried to bundle payments, defer payments, and finally call a vote on payments, Greece blinked before the eurozone's leaders and was forced to stop a euro drain by closing the banks and stock market to keep whatever money was still in the system from disappearing. Not that the Greeks were alone in sparking volatility across the globe. Halfway across the world, China's stock market displayed some pre-July 4 fireworks last month, as the skyrocketing Shanghai and Shenzhen markets hit an apex in mid-June and began a speedy return to earth. Vanguard's may get lucky with its timing in adding A shares to Emerging Markets Index—or not—but either way, Shanghai has been here before.

This month, I'll explain why I view the big hubbub about Vanguard adding China A-shares to Emerging Markets Stock Index later this year to be more of a 'meh.' Speaking of a lackluster response, fund of funds Diversified Equity celebrated its 10-year birthday last month—and I'll show you why it's a birthday Vanguard probably won't be celebrating. Also, with the Fed on course to raise the fed funds rate for the first time in nearly a decade, it's time to revisit our Bonds 101 series. This month I'm covering bond basics in order to set the stage for a more complex conversation on bond risks and specific funds to buy, sell or hold. Lastly, I—along with Hapless Harry and Disciplined Dave—will illustrate why long-term investors should not worry about investing 'at a top,' but instead just stay the course and keep putting their money to work. Read More »

June 17, 2015

The Individual's Money Fund With the $5 Million Minimum

The press completely missed one of the craziest parts of Vanguard's announcement yesterday that it’s renaming and realigning its money market funds to keep their net asset values at a fixed $1.00 per share by avoiding the “institutional” label. Read More »

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