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June 24, 2016

Special Hotline: Brexit Surprise

One uncertainty has been replaced with another. The question of whether the U.K. would indeed vote to exit the E.U. was always a toss-up—5 hours after the polls closed, the betting pools had Remain winning, and UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, who spearheaded the Leave group, said he expected Remain to win. So there was no way to know what would happen, and a 52% vote to exit showed as much. Read More »

June 1, 2016

Rate Hike Reversals

Last month was a roller-coaster of ups and downs catalyzed by guessing about the Fed's next move. In the end, the bulls won, though not without plenty of negative sentiment. But why worry? The overwhelming rationale for another rate hike will be that the U.S. economy is functioning properly, expanding well, and is showing some signs of a steady increase in inflation–all positives for you, me, and stock prices.

In any case, all the focus on whether the stock market indexes are making new highs or not ignores the fact that more than 90% of the time, stocks are going to be below their highs, as we'll show you in this month's issue. And if you think rebalancing is going to minimize your risk or improve your returns, think again. In spite of what Vanguard claims, the data shows that neither rebalancing nor adding more managers to a fund is likely to help investors. And to knock down another myth, ETFs aren't necessarily more tax-efficient than traditional index funds, as you'll see in our follow-up to last month's story on tax efficiency. But don't expect Vanguard to tell you any of that. Instead, pop open the issue and check out the rest of the 10 Things Vanguard Won't Tell You. Read More »

March 10, 2016

Vanguard Expense Ratios Rise on 52 Funds

Vanguard's been making a lot of hay lately with news that its expense ratios continue to decline. But it's all a matter of how and when you choose to measure them. With the release of its December 2015 annual reports, fully 52 Vanguard funds (counting separate Investor, Admiral, ETF and Institutional share classes) saw their expenses RISE rather than fall over the past 6 months. Read More »

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